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Prioritising Applications


How are applications prioritised?

Blaby Home Search uses a banding scheme to prioritise applications in accordance with housing need.

All housing applications received will be assessed and placed in one of 4 bands. The table below sets out the banding scheme and gives examples of those applicants who would be eligible to be placed in each band.

 Band  Criteria  Examples

Priority Housing Need


Homelessness - Households to whom the Council has a statutory Duty to secure accommodation

Emergency Medical Need

Emergency Welfare Need

Multiple/Complex needs

Housing Management Priority

Displaced Agricultural Workers


High Housing Need


High Needs


Has 2 or more qaulifying Medium Housing Need categories

Overcrowding by 2 or more bedrooms

In supported accommodation and approved for move-on or independent living

Under-occupying social housing which is in high demand

Medium Housing Need

Some need to move

Other homeless households

Poor housing conditions (disrepair, overcrowding by 1 bedroom etc)

Medical need (which is affected by your current housing)

Welfare need (which is affected by your current housing)

Short-term accommodation (lodging with family/friends, in private rented accommodation)

Low Housing Need

Low/no need to move

No local connection to the Sub-region

Rent arrears or other housing related debt and there is not arrangment to pay or a payment plan is not being kept to

Has the financial means to provide their own housing

Is the owner/joint owner of a property and there are no medical or welfare reasons to move

Is the tenant of a Council or Housing Association outside the Sub-region with no medical or welfare reasons to move  

Transfer applicants only eligible for a like for like move

Guilty of behaviour which affects suitability to be a tenant

Only interested in HomeBuy/Shared ownership properties

Deliberate worsening of housing circumstances

Refer to the full Allocations Policy for further details - download a copy from the Housing Pages at

Once bids have been received against each property, they are prioritised by Band and by date (so all the bidders in Priority Housing Need Band would appear at the top of the shortlist in date order, followed by any bidders in High Housing Need Band, then Medium Housing Need Band and so on). Home seekers in each band will be placed in date order.  The applicant with the oldest date will normally have the highest priority.  The date that is normally used for matching home seekers to properties is their registration date with Blaby Home Search or the date the home seeker moved into a higher housing need band.

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